Many guys are curious about female ejaculation. They wonder about the fluids and the body mechanisms involved. First, let's clear THE big question. Girl cum is NOT pee. It's closer in composition to men's prostrate fluid. It's sometimes clear or milky, the tastes differ. Even if it shoots through the urethra, it's not pee. When stimulating the G-spot and clitoris, the paraurethral gland fills up with fluid. At the time of orgasm, the contractions expel the accumulated fluids in powerful gushes. A squirting orgasm is stronger than any other sexual pleasure a girl can feel. I think every girl should live it at least once. RealSquirt shows you girls enjoying their first true orgasms and a few tips if you'd like to bring them to the next level in female pleasure.
jamie james
christine young
shelby bell
sweet amylee
anna nikova
sandy summer
melissa doll
sarah moon
brianna m.
Length : 30:39 min | Pictures : 44
Jamie James
Kream is excellent when it's time to make a girl cum. When she started to stroke my G-spot, I felt deep waves of pleasure start to overcome me. In a flash, it all broke loose and I squirted. Kream then gave me a few hints and I was able to make her squirt too!
Length : 9:09 min | Pictures : 52
Dakota & Kream
Hi guys! Today I'm with Dakota who came here from Toronto just for me! Dakota is a little shy but I made her cum and squirt so much her eyes watered from the orgasm! WOW!
Length : 13:02 min | Pictures : 25
Angie & Kream
Hey guys! This week I'm with Angie, a sexy little brunette who never squirted before!! I thought her a lesson and she saw how easy it is to squirt when you have a good teacher like me! She squirted not once, not twice but at least ten times!! Enjoy!
Length : 14:50 min | Pictures : 55
Katinka & Kream
Hi guys! This week I'm with the sexy Katinka, a new girl in the industry. She has really special piercings, nice tattoos and a great pair of natural tits! I really loved making her squirt all over!
Length : 21:40 min | Pictures : 50
Anna Nikova and Kream
Hi guys, today I'm with the very hot Anna Nikova. Just the idea of playing with her big boobs made me all wet. SO after exciting each other we decided to make ourselves cum with some toys. We squirted together in front of each other, that was really cool!
Length : 12:59 min | Pictures : 24
Ladies, if you ever have to choose between a dishwasher and a Sybian Machine, go for the Sybian. Girls, does this black box ever get my juices flowing - wow! Just don't try to do the dishes with your squirt...
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