Squirting Illustrated 7, Scene 3 :: Length 14,30 min. Pics : 41. Avy Scott
Avy Scott plays the ever so horny escort. This stud, however, got more than he bargained when Avy starts ejaculating warm juices by the poolside.

Squirting Illustrated 7, Scene 4 :: Length 16,05 min. Pics : 45. Dominica Leone
Dominica Leone seduces what appears to be a "naïve" country boy. I guess they don't see women ejaculate too often in theese parts because he looked real surprised to see the juice fly!

Squirting Illustrated 7, Scene 5 :: Length 16,00 min. Pics : 45. Veronica Lace
Veronica wanted to show her boyfriend her new clothes but he was more interested by her tight body. If shopping made all girls squirt, I bet more guys would take them out to the mall!

Squirting Illustrated 8, Scene 1 :: Length 16,10 min. Pics : 43. Ciera Sage
Two horny hikers get it on in the deserted hills. Our stud should you can expect anything from the wild bush, even a gushing orgasm.

Squirting Illustrated 8, Scene 2 :: Length 15,41 min. Pics : 57. Sophia
Sophia always dream of a handsome cowboy pounding her relentlessly to a wet climax. What's weird is she wakes up every morning in soaked sheets...

Squirting Illustrated 8, Scene 3 :: Length 18,12 min. Pics : 50. Haley
Haley doesn't want her stud out working : she'd rather get fucked. She teased her man by stroking in front of him and the magic worked : they went at it so hard, she squirted big time.

Squirting Illustrated 8, Scene 4 :: Length 15,02 min. Pics : 62. Elizabeth Lawrence
Elizabeth has such a crush on her tennis instructor, she felt the pressure building in her pussy for a long time. When she finaly seduces him into a nice fuck, the lucky bastard gives Liz her fisrt squirting orgasm.

Squirting Illustrated 8, Scene 5 :: Length 18,05 min. Pics : 78. Cindy Crawford
Cindy likes to fantasize about an total stranger grabbing her in the desert for a long, deep ride. This guy pounds her for an eternity before she bursts her wetness on the desert floor.
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